To start making bread, you need a work surface, a container for raising the dough, a kitchen scale, a room thermometer, and an oven. The other tools listed below will make your life easier, but you can do without them.

Here’s a full list of items you may find useful:

  • Large cutting board (so-called pastry or kneading board).
  • 5–7 L plastic bowl.
  • Baker’s knife, butcher’s knife or large kitchen knife.
  • Razor or scalpel.
  • Small colander or strainer.
  • Kitchen scale.
  • Two baskets, preferably oblong, some 25–28 cm long and 7–10 cm tall
    A good basket
  • Two tea towels for lining the baskets.
  • Two large plastic bags.
  • Rectangular pizza stone, the largest you can fit in your oven. (If you don’t have one, you can use an appropriately sized marble slab or a few firebricks.)
  • Room thermometer.
  • Pizza peel. (A flat cookie sheet or flat, temperature-resistant tray could be used instead.)
  • Electric blanket.
  • Powerful water spray bottle.
  • High-power mixer, with a bowl that holds at least 5 L. The Electrolux Assistent Bread Mixer is the best I’ve used; it has a special bread-folding attachment that works the dough gently.